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25 years of dynamic valves

25 years ago Frese launched its first dynamic valve on the market and introduced a new technology for adjustment of heating and cooling systems.

Frese was established in 1944 and through the last 25 years the dynamic valves of the company have ensured saving of energy in heating and cooling systems worldwide. Today sales of dynamic valves represent above 70 percent of the Frese turnover due to the direct results which are obtained by using dynamic balancing of a system. Savings of approx. 50 percent of the pumping energy are obtained compared to a system based on static valves.

S1 – Flow in balance

In 1988 Frese launched its first dynamic valve on the market. It was named S1 and used in heating systems of large buildings in order to create balance of the flow without regulation. Only one size, as this should be sufficient for all systems – but we grew wiser…..

Dynamic valves competed against the well-known static valves, which have existed since the 1950s without changes in technology. When dynamic valves are installed instead of static valves, a heating or cooling system is in balance from the beginning, thus avoiding regulation. However, it appeared that the plumbing industry was reluctant about accepting dynamic valves in spite of the documented savings of energy and the simple regulation and adjustment of cooling and heating systems. In 2000 sales of dynamic valves broke through for real, also worldwide.

Alpha – system in balance under fluctuating pressure conditions

The second generation of Frese dynamic valves entered the market in 2001 and was named ALPHA. This time for both cooling and heating systems in all sizes from DN15 to DN800…….

These valves, including cartridges with a constant flow, also ensure the hydraulic balance in large and small heating and cooling systems, regardless of any fluctuating pressure conditions. The Alpha valves became very popular, and sales today represent 40 percent of all flow products.

OPTIMA – pressure independent control

In 2006 Frese launched the third generation of its dynamic valves on the market: OPTIMA, which is an intelligent control valve, also known as the three-in-one-valve. Frese Optima maintains balance in the system, controls room temperature and ensures that pressure fluctuations do not affect either balance or room temperature. Frese Optima replaces a traditional balancing valve, traditional control valve and differential pressure control valve. This means that the valve reduces installation costs by up to 40 percent.

The OPTIMA-valve is being continuously developed, and in 2011 the OPTIMA Compact entered the market. Compared to the original OPTIMA-valve the Compact is approx. half size and therefore considerably easier to install in cooling and heating systems.

New lines of businesses

The Research & Development Manager of Frese, Ole Jørgensen, has been the anchorman in development of the Frese dynamic valves since the beginning of 1988. He is convinced that the dynamic valves can be further developed and used in other lines of businesses.

“Computer-controlled monitoring of the valves will be the next step in development, thus resulting in easier management and control of cooling and heating systems. At the same time we are convinced that dynamic valves can be used in other lines of businesses where flow control is required, for example, in the processing industry or maritime industry. We at Frese have many ideas on the drawing table for the future development projects”, says Ole Jørgensen.

Frese dynamic valves are produced in Denmark. They are assembled and processed at the factory in Slagelse and provide knowhow in the company. Today dynamic valves represent 95 percent of Frese’s exports.

Ole Joergensen, R&D