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Frese focus on growth in Saudi

For the past two years, sales of dynamic balancing valves in Saudi Arabia have increased significantly.

Increasingly, the focus for building projects is on energy savings and designers and installers are beginning to recognise the benefits of adopting innovative technology such as dynamic balancing valves.

The potential for implementing Frese dynamic balancing valves in future building projects in the Middle East is huge. For the past 30 years, static balancing valves have been installed in the majority of major projects in the region.

In 2005, only a small number of Middle East contractors and consultants had heard about dynamic balancing valve technology but as a result an increased awareness and more focus on energy efficiency, the benefits are becoming widely known and appreciated. One major benefit of the Frese dynamic balancing valve is that they can reduce the energy consumption in a cooling system by over 50%.

Yasser H. Awwad is Frese’s Regional Sales Manager in Saudi Arabia and he expects a continuous growth for this type of technology and Frese products in his country in the coming years. In addition to having quality products, the added strength for any manufacturer is to partner qualified and experienced distributors to help penetrate and service the market.

Yasser states “Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia has a land area of 2.240.000 km2 and is a major player in the world economy. We have great opportunities to include Frese’s products in the country’s many building projects in the coming years. We collaborate closely with both manufacturers and distributors to get dynamic valves implemented in as many buildings as possible”.

Areas of growth focus

In Saudi Arabia, five growth areas have been identified for the building projects of the future. These areas are real estate/hotels, health care, residential, education and infrastructure/industry projects.

The strategy of Frese is to focus on three of these areas of growth, real estate and hotels, health care and education.

Real estate and hotels:

In the two major cities of Medina and Mecca, Muslim pilgrims visit from all over the world with eight million pilgrims visiting in 2010 with this expecting to increase to 15 million in 2015. This significant increase in visitors has led to an increased demand for hotel capacity and the potential for Frese dynamic balancing valves.

Health care:

With the government planning to invest over 46 billion dollars in developing the healthcare system over the next 5 years, there is further potential for Frese solutions. These plans include the construction of 22 hospitals, 200 health care centers and 150 emergency centers.


Iin addition to improving the health care system, the government also plans to invest over 54 billion dollars in improving the education system with the aim of increasing the number of universities from 33 to 40 within the next 25 years.

“I am optimistic about Frese’s opportunities to be involved in many of these projects. Cooling is in high demand in Saudi Arabia and more and more consultants see the benefits of dynamic valve solutions when we demonstrate their advantages compared to static valves. The Frese brand recognition and appreciation is rapidly increasing” says Yasser Awwad.

Yasser H. Awwad