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Frese OPTIMA Compact

Frese OPTIMA Compact

Performance beyond size

Frese, the experts behind the innovative OPTIMA Compact pressure independent control valve range have introduced a new ductile iron version available in DN40 and DN50 sizes.

The new variants of the Frese OPTIMA Compact PICV use the same patented, compact design technology that allows higher flow rates to be achieved through smaller dimensioned valves, with the latest additions accurately controlling flow up to 11,500 litres per hour with a maximum differential pressure of 400 kPa.

In addition to accurate flow and pressure control, the Frese OPTIMA PICV provides full stroke, modulating control irrespective of the flow set point and is supplied as a package with a 0 - 10V or 3 position actuator for efficient temperature control.

The Frese OPTIMA Compact PICV offers many benefits over traditional balancing valves including eliminating overflows, replacing the need for a traditional balancing valve and 2 port control valve at terminal connections and removing the need for additional system differential pressure control valves.

Both the DN40 and DN50 versions have a PN25 pressure rating and are supplied with female connections and 1” PT plugs.

Nathan Cooke, Frese Global Sales and Marketing Director, states “the addition of the new DN40 and DN50 Frese OPTIMA Compact PICV allows us to achieve higher flow rates through smaller dimensioned valves, providing our customers with more options for their project requirements”.

The Frese OPTIMA Compact range is available in sizes DN10 to DN100, covering flow rates up to 90,000 l/h.

Frese OPTIMA Compact DN40-DN50