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  Frese PV Compact

Frese PV Compact – high performance under pressure

Valve manufacturer Frese, have launched a new range of differential pressure control valves for HVAC systems, the PV Compact.

Based on the innovative Compact Technology used in the popular OPTIMA Compact PICV range, the PV Compact offers significant energy savings over other comparable differential pressure control valves due to the nature of the design. The high Kv value of the PV Compact ensures that the lowest possible pressure loss is achieved, making the valve an energy efficient solution for controlling fluctuating differential pressures in heating and cooling systems.

With the increase in use of variable speed pumps, the fluctuating differential pressures at part load condition can cause an increase in system noise and poor regulation of control valves. The PV Compact ensures a constant differential pressure across the load or circuit, allowing for accurate and silent control valve regulation, whilst the compact design of the valve makes it easy to install.

The PV Compact is available with male connections in DN15 and from DN15 to DN32 with female connections, with PT plugs or PT plug and drain valve. All versions include capillary tube and adapters as standard with a variety of differential pressure control ranges available.

The Frese PV Compact range covers flow rates up to 5,000 l/h with a maximum differential pressure of 450kPa and a PN25 pressure class.