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Sharing PICV knowledge and experience

More than 800 guests attended a series of Frese seminars in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar at the beginning of May.

The events, which were organised by Leminar Air Conditioning, Frese’s distribution partner in the UAE and Qatar, focused on the application of pressure independent control valves in hydraulic systems and were an overwhelming success.

The seminars addressed the challenges currently being faced by both designers and installers, with particular focus on the design of energy efficient systems and the different types and benefits of pressure independent control valves.

Matthew Dunk, Frese General Sales Manager for the Middle East and India, comments “with the dramatic uptake in demand for PICV technology, designers and installers are faced with an ever increasing choice of PICVs. As a manufacturer with over 25 years’ experience in the application of dynamic balancing technology, Frese can offer extensive support and advice to customers helping them to make an informed decision about the most appropriate solution for their project requirements”.

A vast amount of knowledge and experience has been gathered at Frese since 1988, when the first Frese dynamic balancing valve was patented, not only about the physical product, but also about the application. The OPTIMA Compact range, Frese’s second generation of PICVs, is widely specified and has been installed on many prestigious projects around the world. The innovative design utilises patented technology allowing for full stroke modulation at all flow settings for optimal indoor climate control, and a compact valve housing for ease of installation.

“Supplying a product that is fit for purpose and of the highest quality is of great importance to Frese, however we feel that the ability to help customers through our extensive application knowledge of PICVs is second to none and positively differentiates us from the competition” states Matthew.

For more information on the Frese application of PICV seminar, please contact Andrew Pender at ape@frese.dk.

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