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Solid foundations for growth

Frese, a global leader in the manufacture of state-of-the-art dynamic balancing valves celebrates 70 years of business on the 1st May.

Since Børge Frese established a small foundry in Slagelse, Denmark in 1944, Frese has continued to develop in both Denmark and internationally. Frese has become a leading manufacturer of innovative pressure independent control and dynamic balancing valves for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems worldwide with the foundry roots still firmly in place, producing corrosion resistant components for the shipping industry at Frese Metal.

Today, the family still has an active involvement in the day to day operations of the company, with the third generation of the family occupying senior management positions.

“My father, Johnni, started an apprenticeship with my grandfather and took over the business in 1975. His heart was beating for the foundry, however he also explored the opportunity to develop valves for cooling and heating systems”, says Tina Sofie Frese, General Sales Manager, responsible for the European distributor network.

The three siblings Tina, Claus and Kim Frese own the company and have chosen to be involved with daily operations, in order to develop close relationships with both employees and customers.

Technology Pioneers

In the 1960s, Frese began producing valves for sanitary applications and in 1988 the company had developed and patented the first generation of patented dynamic balancing valves, positioning Frese as pioneers.

The new concept of dynamic balancing valves challenged the widely used traditional, static balancing valve solution. The dynamic balancing valve offered many benefits over traditional balancing valves including eliminating the need for proportional balancing and replacing several individual valves with a single valve.

International Growth

As pioneers, Frese had a unique technology and began to expand internationally using the support of regional distributors. As the demand for dynamic balancing increased, so too did the competition, with new brands and products emerging, including some from the Frese distributor network.

The business has continued to grow in Denmark and globally and in 2013, Frese celebrated the 25th anniversary of the development of the first Frese dynamic balancing valve.

The Future for Frese

Today, Frese is one of the leading manufacturers of dynamic balancing valves with an innovative product range and an extensive knowledge of HVAC systems and applications. With the increased focus on designing energy efficient buildings, the global opportunity for the Frese range of energy-saving valves is significant.

“We are in a very exciting phase in the company evolution and with our increased global focus, we have every opportunity to accelerate growth through our subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Turkey and China, our sales offices in Australia and the Middle East and our international network of distributors and partners” states Tina.

She continues “the fourth generation of the family is now involved with various aspects of the business, continuing the long standing family tradition”.

Frese manufacture a wide range of dynamic balancing valve solutions for various applications and the future growth will be supported by a firm commitment to product innovation and customer service.

Frese & Tina Sofie Frese