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The Rise of Pressure Independent Control Valves

It might appear to some that the rapid and widespread implementation of pressure independent flow and temperature control is revolutionising the design of variable flow hydronic systems. However, for Frese this “revolution” has taken more than a quarter of a century to develop and has only accelerated in the last few years due to rising fuel prices and energy efficiency legislation.

In fact, the Frese pressure independent valve product range has evolved over the last 25 years and the latest OPTIMA Compact PICV is our third generation of this technology. Whilst each generation has delivered enhancements and features over the previous one, the accumulation of knowledge regarding the application the technology within the wider hydronic system has been continuous over the period.

Frese has supported the recent test standard from BSRIA for pressure independent balancing and control valves that will allow specifiers to compare the performance of different manufacturers products, bench mark them against each other and determine their suitability for any given application. We believe that the better informed the user of the benefits and limitations of this technology the more likely that their experience will live up to the promise and expectation.