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Frese Aquaheat HIU Sets Stiff Benchmark for new BESA performance Test Regime

The new AquaHeat Twin Plate Heat Interface Unit (HIU) manufactured by Fortes Energy Systems and distributed exclusively in the UK by Frese has become the first heat interface unit to be tested in accordance with a new test regime adopted by the Building Engineering Services Association.

The BESA test regime supersedes the earlier FairHeat regime following input from BEIS, CIBSE, E.ON and SSE among others.

The BESA regime specifies test parameters that enable heat network developers to evaluate and compare the performance of different HIUs in typical UK operating conditions. The key outputs from the test include plots of key metrics over the duration of each test and a calculation of the Volume Weighted Average Return Temperature (VWART) which quantifies the operating efficiency of the HIU tested.

The AquaHeat HIU from Frese passed all tests and produced impressive metrics for speed and precision of instantaneous hot water and heating control at a “best in class” VWART figure. This is thanks to the high authority and turndown fast acting control valves and the fully programmable keep warm function which, in dynamic mode, enables the ModBus connectable HIU controller to “self-learn” the minimum energy input required to ensure hot water leaves the HIU at the specified temperature within 10 seconds.

We look forward to comparing results of the BESA test from other manufacturers and are confident that the Frese AquaHeat HIU has set a stiff benchmark.