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Extended Balancing Valve Range

Frese have extended their range of static balancing valves to include both a double regulating valve and variable orifice double regulating valve.

The addition of these product ranges adds to the already existing range of fixed orifice double regulating valves used in heating and cooling systems around the world.

The new Frese STBV range can be used in both variable flow and constant flow systems and offers simple and reliable flow measurement and verification. The new products also compliment other products from Frese such as the Frese FODRV and the Frese PV Compact differential pressure control valve.

“The extension of our balancing valve range offers our customers even more choices when it comes to balancing their heating and cooling systems” comments Andrew Pender, Internal Sales & Marketing Manager for Frese. He continues “the new Frese STBV range offers a more traditional alternative to balancing compared to the innovative dynamic balancing methods for which we are more known. This extended range continues to position Frese as a leader in the manufacture and supply of balancing valves for HVAC applications, whether this be static balancing valves or dynamic balancing valves”

The range of manual balancing valves is available from DN15 to DN50 in DZR with threaded connections and from DN65 to DN500 in ductile iron with flanged connections. The threaded range has a PN25 pressure rating and the flanged range has a PN16 pressure rating.