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Frese OPTIMIZER 6-way

Frese OPTIMIZER 6-way

The only way for 4-pipe systems

Frese are pleased to announce the launch of the latest solution for 4-pipe heating and cooling systems, the Frese OPTIMIZER 6-way Pressure Independent Control Group.

The pressure independent control group has been designed specifically for 4-pipe systems and comprises of an Frese OPTIMA Compact pressure independent control valve (PICV) with a 0-10V modulating actuator, a 6-way control valve with a rotating actuator and a control unit.

The Frese OPTIMIZER 6-way has the ability to control both heating and cooling with only one single data point from the BMS system, through a 0 -10V external control signal, and it provides full stroke modulation at all times even with different design flow rates for heating and cooling.

“One of the main benefits of the new Frese OPTIMIZER 6-way is the ability to provide modulating control for both heating and cooling with only one data point for the BMS. Typically, this kind of control would require an additional data point which results in additional cost” comments Alex Rørbæk, R&D Section Manager for Electronics.

He continues “the solution is very easy to size, install, set up and commission and it can be used as a standalone solution or in line with a BMS. Also, by having the Frese OPTIMA Compact PICV in the control group, there are significant energy saving opportunities through optimised pressure independent flow limitation and regulation, as well as the many other benefits of using PICVs”.

The Frese OPTIMIZER 6-way pressure independent control group is available in sizes DN15 to DN25 and it can be supplied with or without unions.

Frese OPTIMIZER 6-way