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Integrated Hydronic Solutions

Frese UK offers a wide range of products to provide customers with a complete, cost effective integrated hydronic solution for their system needs.

In addition to the core range of hydronic valves, Frese UK are an official integrated solution partner for some of the markets leading brands.

Frese UK are an official integrated solution partner for SWEP.

District & Community Heating


The B649 is ideal for district heating and cooling networks, HVAC, and industrial projects that need an efficient compact BPHE with close temperature approaches at high operating pressures. The big, one-phase B649 delivers PHE-like capacities without the wear and tear of parts. Most of the material (95%) in BPHEs is used to transfer heat, compared with other technologies that use a lot of material for supports, frames, etc. This high-capacity BPHE saves money on spare parts, space, energy consumption, transportation, and installation.


The compact B8LAS is a product developed to combine the highest thermal performance with low pressure drop. With a plate geometry using that uses AsyMatrix® technology, the unit offers a high efficiency and versatile solutions for high-efficiency heat pumps and refrigeration applications.


The B85 is a highly efficient heat exchanger with a higher thermal performance than any comparable product. The B85 is the perfect choice for high-performance condensers and demanding heat transfer requirements. The large ports enable it to cope with high capacities. A smaller pressing depth, compared with previous generations, makes the B85 more compact with a higher performance.


The B35T is ideal for many applications in district heating, heat recovery for industry, HVAC, combined heat & power and engine oil cooling. It is the perfect choice for efficient heat transfer with a low pressure drop in systems with up to 2½″ piping and 58 m³/h (255 gpm) water flow.