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How to reduce pump electricity consumption by more than 50%

The pumps installed in all newer heating and cooling systems are almost always frequency-controlled pumps, which are self-adjusting and regulate according to load.

To exploit the pump optimally, it must be set and controlled correctly.

When you use any Frese dynamic valve, you avoid overflow and the pump has to handle no more than the volume of water required. Pressure loss in the system is also lower when dynamic valves are fitted, as the system requires fewer valves.

To determine correct pump pressure, simply use the integrated measurement check valves. The pump will then function perfectly.

If you use differential pressure sensors in the system along with Frese dynamic balancing valves, Frese OPTIMA, Frese OPTIMA Compact and Frese EVA, you can reduce pump electricity consumption by more than 50% compared to traditional system installations.

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