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How to achieve maximum ΔT in water-based heating and cooling systems

To ensure maximum ΔT, it is important that the flow in the system is correct at all times.

If the flow through the heating/cooling coils or radiators is too high, the energy from the water circulating in the system is not transferred to the surroundings.

The water thus circulates without the desired effect and with little temperature difference between flow and return. This means that boilers cannot condense and cooling systems are less efficient.

When you use one of the Frese dynamic valves, Frese OPTIMA , Frese OPTIMA Compact, Frese EVA, Frese ALPHA and Frese S , you protect the system from overflow and therefore from excessively low ΔT.

When the volume of water flowing through the heating/cooling coils is maintained at the level for which they are dimensioned, the ΔT value is correct.